Telephone handle to rotate

How could I loop a rotation? I want a old school telephone receiver to ring back and forth on the phone…

Without knowing the style of the game or movement movement system, and without seeing any screenshots of the objects, it is difficult to give a precise answer to this question, but assuming you want to use basic rotation events and are building a 2D top down style game, you could try this:

Make sure to install the “RepeatEveryXSeconds” extension, you can change the speed and angle of rotation by changing the numbers, make sure they balance each other out.

This might not be the most efficient method of doing this but it’s a good start until someone else comes through with a better answer.

You could also add/create an animation of a shaking phone and set it to loop.

I would just set up a loop with 2 tweens and a third event to start it. Specifically because timers and waits generally shouldn’t be combined (if they ever get misaligned they’ll behave wonky), and waits can be intensive if there’s enough of them.

Top event could be whatever trigger you want (something to start the initial ring), then the other two events continue forever.

Alternatively, if you want to trigger when the ringing starts, here’s how you could do it with a toggle variable:

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Nice! You are my hero…
Thank you.

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I’m glad it worked! :grin: