Teleport movement like quick attack?

Hello everyone! it has been a LOOONG time since I posted here, I am developing a 2D platformer in Gdevelop that I am planning to release on Steam. I have all the major kinks worked out but one of the key features of my game is the warp mechanic. it works like the Pikachu quick attack from smash bros, where you press a key and you can teleport 2 times before it times out. but… I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO DO THIS. I honestly don’t know where to even start with this, If I figured it out, then I could actually progress with my game. HELP!!!

From what i guess you would want to change position of your player in left or right
And for that you would not use change position to idk let’s say 100 or something
But instead you would go with (assuming teleport attack key is pressed)
WHATEVER key is pressed
Player animation is horizontally flipped NO (meaning player is facing right)
Trigger once

Change X position of Player set to Player.X()+100

And that will teleport player 100 pixels to the right if player is facing right
Now you change flipped condition for left

And now all you need is to limit it with either timer or with boolean variable
I do not get how you wanna do it like based on time or based on how many times player can teleport
And that would be pretty much it

thank you! will let you know if it works.

it works! i assume for vertcial warping it would be the same but with the y coordinates instead?

Pretty much yeah

At least i do not see any other way to do it which would make sense