Teleport using put object around a position


I’ve been working on an enemy, I want it to teleport around the player once it’s close enough. The enemy does teleport however it does it a few too many times too quickly, how do I make it teleport only once everytime? Also they seem to disappear after a while when I have multiple enemies

Thank you guys!

Use a boolean object variable on the enemy.

Only teleport when the variable is false.

When they teleport set the variable to true.

Once they’re a set distance away, set the variable to false.

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I would remove the trigger once conditions. They don’t work well with instances especially inside a for each object. They’re also not needed since they both immediately change the animation so they can’t trigger more than once anyways.

I would also study the way the wait behaves. It looks like multiple waits could build up and then trigger multiple times. I personally don’t like waits for that reason. Just make sure it’s not causing unexpected results.

I prefer timers over waits but that’s a personal preference.

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