Templates, Post yours templates here for help all!


Please post your templates here, so that more people join the community, we will make gd5 friendlier for new members, so that the first impression is the best possible.

-8 Directions easy
A simple 8-way mobile control

-Contour size test
Simple test of resolution x contour of sprites,
which is the best pixel size?

It is a starting point for you to create a game, menu
system, lives, and game over, ready.

It helps to decide which size of the character’s sprites
to use on a 1280x720 screen.

A simple example, demonstrating the color system, can be
used as 3 layers of shadows for scenarios.

I hope it serves someone :slight_smile:

Comunidade GD5 BR

@Santiago_Santos Try to describe what is present in this file :wink:

You can also see templates provide by @ddabrahim

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Tu é br santiago?
se tu for

Não , so acho legal ter tanta gente brasileira em um projeto assim

Nunca vi antes, que coisa interessante, obrigado por ter me mostrado isso.

A comunidade tem um discord ou algo mais?