Temporizer problem

how I put a temporizer in my game?

Like that in 5 minutes the game is over

You mean a count down timer?

yes! I want to do that the match to last 5m

You can use a time scene variable to hold the time (300). Create a timer at the beginning of the scene. Check for the value of the timer, if the value is bigger than 1sec, then reset the timer and decrease the time scene variable. If the scene variable reaches 0 you end the game, e.g. change the scene.

unnecessary complicated.

all you need to do is make an event with the condition if timer “time” is >= 300
do you ending action, like show a victory screen/close the game/restart the scene /whatever you want to do to end the game.

Indeed, but you can also display the timer on the game scene and have it reduce it’s value every second :wink:

even then, a variable is unnecessary.

or set to ToString(300-round(TimerElapsedTime(“Time”))) for a count down.

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Now, that’s a complicated function :wink: