Terminal velocity

i have tried to set terminal velocity in my game, but i cant seem to do it?

What are you trying to do, what have you done and what have you used? Screen shots of your events are always a huge help.

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Ok i have a space ship and i want a max velocity
Soo space ship does not keep accelerating

Ok, that’s a start. But how are you doing that? Share a screen shot of your events so we know what we are dealing with.

The black dot is newsprite 2

New Sprite 2 code

Try adding a condition when the “w” and “s” keys are pressed that checks the linear velocity. Something like :


And check the angular velocity with “a” and “d” key presses :


I’m not sure of the values to check against, though. That’s something you’ll have to play around with.

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Thanks, I really needed some help!

I just got into develop after trying out unity

Ahh still have a problem

When i reach max velocity, i cant move.

Can’t accelerate or decelerate

Linear velocity is just the speed - it doesn’t give the direction. I suspect you’ll need to do some calculations using the angle from NewSprite to NewSprite2 and the linear X & Y velocities, to work out whether it’s heading forwards or backwards.

ok got it i will try that