Terraformation - How do I make it evolve?

Hello fellow Gdevelopers,

a couple of days ago I was introduced by the youtube algo to “digital evolution”. In this video for example: The evolution of digital trees. Artificial life. Part 1. - YouTube some guy created a model where trees grow, die, scatter their seeds and another generation grows, but it keeps evolving and the trees keep changing shapes.

I was like, huh, it would be very cool to see a terrain form in front of your eyes, but not like Terraria where the world is already created, I wanted to see the “terraformation” process.

So I made this: Terraformation | Play on gd.games
Every time you start you get a different terrain, there is a “ground” cell that creates a small island and then a “tree” comes out leaving a “seed” once you go past that seed another process of island formation begins.
Some screenshots:

Now if you look closely you will see there is a tendency to “go up” all the time, but every time the terrain is completely different.

So how many “islands” can you walk on before you get stuck or you fall to the infinite abyss?

Since this part of the forum is called “How do I…?” of course I have a question. I’ve seen the video many times but I still don’t get how would I make my terrain "evolve?

Edit: you have double jump and you can press “t” to zoom out and post how your world looks

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This is very intriguing and the game play was interesting. Here is the longest world I made.

But can anyone beat my NINE islands?

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Perhaps I was too cocky in my last post:


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Haha! Thank you so much for trying it out!! One of the things that makes me happy is that someone, somewhere can have a little fun with something I made. I definitely never got an island with such a fork shape!! The maximum I got is like 4 or 5 hhaha

As of now I am still trying to figure it out how to make it “learn and evolve” like the models I see on youtube.

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