Terraforming map editor

Hello, I tried the “Terraforming” and “Island Generator” examples. I would like to make a map editor with this process but before starting I wonder how to save/load a map made with it, does anyone have an idea? It seems complicated to me to record the effects of noise. Thank you for your answers :wink:

Raw values can be retrieved with this expression


Ok thank you, indeed but I don’t have these options…neither in the conditions, nor in the actions.
And since the interface has changed it’s the fight on computer.

My screenshot didn’t show enough context.

Yes, it’s clearer! Thank you so much !

I still don’t have the options you have…

Are you using the last version of the extension?

The version that is available from GD

It’s resolved by itself, before it was in “General” now it is in “visual effect” with the right options. THANKS

I can’t get the Grid Value data, it either puts -8 or 0 in the variable.