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Greetings, I see that the plugin to register your logo and game is a very big mess, let’s see if I understood it, to legally register the game (if I want to publish it) I must grant the respective request, with the file with the content and the reason for the request to review and declare as “approved” that the name and logo are my property, so far so good?

It may sound silly for me to answer myself… but! It is for a good cause, since here I not only want to ask, but also provide information that helps people, that is why I use the same title in my publications but a different question. Moving on to the important stuff, copyright is free and applies the instant you develop and publish your idea (NOT an abstract idea) 2D boss-killing character design and idea (Terraria-like idea) to . … 2D game of survival, exploration, elimination of bosses, with elements of the same name as the original (Terraria). It is possible that this doubt or fear still remains in some people, since the copyright of an image, video game, brand, logo, name, etc. is different, but they all reside in the same thing, no matter the place of publication or method, if someone copies your content (plagiarism) you can report it as long as you have proof (normally the official and complete version that you keep is enough) in the case of images alike, they are tested with the published image time and count. Warning this does NOT apply if you were robbed of a “private” game or from a hidden file (as often happens in journalists’ images) where there is no record that you were the first, but if the other one, you lose… That’s why … always put a unique logo or signature to recognize your rights, you’re welcome. If you want to find out more safely and easier to understand (I know I’m bad at English), here’s a link!

Please note that copyright laws are unique depending on the country you are publishing in, and are not universaly granted. (Getting a copyright in the US does not automatically grant you one in Japan, and the protections copyright provide are different in both regions)

We cannot give you definitive answers here because there are too many variables, and laws change.

For the original poster and everyone who may find this thread, please do research on the laws and protections for the respective region you reside in, and any countries you intend to publish to.

Sure, I don’t know how the laws work in other countries, but here they are as mentioned in the video (Spain), according to the other countries, even so if I see a plagiarism of my game or something that supplants said image or identity, even if they are in another country I can report them right? That is to say… if I create a game here (plagiarism of slendytubbies) the creator of said game that I think it is (USA) can denounce me right?

Not necessarily. Again, it depends on your (the developer) country or region, and the other company/developers’s country or region.

You would have to investigate with each scenario. But no, just having a copyright in Spain does not necessarily grant you a copyright everywhere else. They could register/have claim to the same game/name/mechanics/etc in their region as well. It just depends on what their region considers a trusted authority on that kind of thing.

As Silver-Streak wrote it really depends. Generally it is very difficult to copyright mechanics. So if you make a 2D game with crafting and mining that’s no problem and there are already countless Terraria clones out there. If you call your game Terraria or very similar and use the same sprites etc. that’s definitely copyright infringement and there is a good chance that the original creator is going against you.

From a game developing perspective the question is why you would want to make a game that is exactly like Terraria. I would argue that a game that is almost identical with the original, is less interesting for potential players. In this sense it is in your own interest to make your game recognizably different.

Rather I do NOT want to copy Terraria, but I want to achieve several goals with this project:
1- Is it possible to create a large project with this engine or will I be limited?
2- Can I come up with something interesting for the public or just for personal interest? Will I actually finish it or will I give up? (I want to clarify that it is the first time in all aspects of development, programming, etc. so let’s say that I jumped from a skyscraper and without a parachute…)
My intention is to base myself on Terraria, but gradually disassociate myself from this title so that it feels different, in my current opinion the idea I have in mind is rather a mix between Dark Souls and Terraria, since Terraria has some bosses and variety of enemies well expanded, but the bosses are farmed after not long when you can already eliminate them, so I want each battle to feel challenging, I also have many additives, but with time and development I will see if it goes well or feels “boring or tedious” thank you very much for the help, sorry for overwhelming you with tremendous crust.

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