Terraria (Similar game) Develop - Points

Greetings! Here Elementer with his second doubt! I searched the forums about “points” and found that the origin point is for “image rotation”, the central one “for character center”. So far so good, but… why do I want or what is the use of adding new points?

I have been using gdevelop for just a week and a half, so maybe someone with more experience should answer. But what i know of points is that they are very handy. They can be added so that you have coordinations connected to an object that is not only a center coordination. Lets say you want to attach a small cube to a large cube but you dont want it centered, then you can make a new point and attach that small cube to the large cube but with the point coordinations. So that the small cube is centered on the point coordination and not on the center coordination. I hope this makes sense. Also, let’s say you want to hang a character on a rope, but you want the rope attached to his hand. You add a point to his hand and let the rope attach to that point. I hope this information helps. Good luck.


I would definitely suggest to do the tutorials for getting started GDevelop 5 tutorials [GDevelop wiki]. Even though the tutorial games are not related to what you actually want to do, they will introduce you to the engine and the way how things work. After doing that you will understand why it is sometimes very useful to add additional points (Epicsleeper mentioned some use cases). There is a good chance that you will need that feature in your own game sooner or later.

Thanks, that was very helpful! So for future Sprites it is very useful, like for example “holding an item” or joining certain structures to make them look more “natural” (i need search a person read and write english, my english is so bad…)

I will follow your recommendation, I just started in all aspects of a video game 1 week ago, that’s why I’m a jerk :V