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Hello, here with another thread about the doubts of my game (Submitted by this rookie) I already have Sprites of my character, but I had many doubts about the next step… I have the Sprite of the Surface block (Grass block) and Regarding this block I have doubts that I will apply in another thread…
The doubts that both the character and the blocks share are the “Variables”, I really don’t understand what they are or what use they have, in the GDevelop threads people seem to understand it very well with technicality even the GDevelop tutorial seems to be that they read hieroglyphs… So for this thread to contribute to everyone in this community, I would like to know…
What is useful and how do the “Variables” work both in Sprites and in Mosaic and in Events (If they are NOT the same of course…)

Spanish [Una vez obtenido toda la información de cada punto me gustaría realizar un Tutorial o Documento para ayudar aquellos como yo que no conozcan nada sobre desarrollo]

Did you check the wiki and (as recommended before) made one or two of the tutorials? Doing that will really help you to understand the basics which include variables.

Here is the page about basic game making concepts that also includes a parargraph about variables:

Here is the Gdevelop page about variables:


Oki, if I am a disaster, in fact I did NOT know that I could put a command that would automatically rotate my character (turn horizontally) to the other side, can you believe it? I have literally made twice as many sprites by specifying (right or left)! At least I’m learning… before continuing with the character and the world I think I should start first with the cover of the game and its options, right? I would like to know your opinion! That is, I want to place in the portal 3 options (Single player, Settings and Exit) in the “Single player” menu a character creator, why am I writing this? Well, just as I’ve created too many sprites, I have a question here…

Whether to create a “HITBOX” that has the image of the character attached (according to the key, the animation changes and that’s it) or the character with its commands directly (movement, actions and others) :V The one with the hitbox sounds tempting, but since I haven’t created a game before and I don’t know anything about it, I’d like to know if it’s as useful as it sounds or if it has its drawbacks!

It is very normal not to know all the features and options of a software. My knowledge about Gdevelop is very limited either. For a good overview and to get you started, there are however the tutorials and the examples. That’s why I recommended to do one or two tutorials and then begin to make your own game.

You decide what you want to focus on, but the actual mechanics of your game are the most important things for understanding if your game is fun and engaging. They are also more difficult to implement than other parts of the game (such as the title screen and the options). So I would highly recommend to make your game mechanics in the most basic way first.

I know it is very tempting to make sprites first but generally it is less time consuming to make the basic game with placeholder art and replace it later with your actual sprites.

That seems to be the best way to deal with complex animations and collisions. It is the recommended method in the tutorials/examples and I don’t know of any drawbacks, but maybe someone else can talk about their experiences and things to be aware of.

Thanks a lot! Maybe as you mention your knowledge is limited, but the information was good and it helped this rookie, thanks for the good intention! (I’m glad this community isn’t toxic) Warning as I will surely create more threads and I’m sure there will be some that will be of the simple nonsense that is right in front of my eyes and I don’t see it but I’m glad people like you help and they are not hurling insults or laughing.
I hope we can see each other again in another thread. Drona!

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Nothing! The official name is “Title screen” in any search, this can help any person don’t know the name