Tether an object between two other objects

quick question, im trying to design a rubberband system similar to knuckles chaotix, but with one object in between both objects instead of a chain. how would i start this process?

I’m not sure what you want to do. I’m not familiar with that game.

The x,y for the center between 2 points is the sum of the of x-values /2 , the sum of y-values by 2. (It’s basically the averages)

Is the center object fixed? Does it slowly move toward that location using forces?

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yea srry, i kinda realized i was being a bit too vague. to be a bit more clear let just focus on the chain effect. im tryin to figure out how to design the tether/chain effect similar to the ones found in early sega genesis games (kinda of like how they would portray chains links with a line of orbs) and im trying to figure out how to stretch the link like a rubber band

I’m still unclear. What are being linked and what do expect to happen? Please go through the process. Is something being suspended in between.

The physics engine has a bunch of joints. Some sound close to what you’re saying. Have a browse through this. If one sounds like it would work. Someone should be able to help.


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oh ok, its called joints. srry for the botched explaination, im still kinda new to the proper terminology, but the link you sent is perfect. this is exactly what i was looking for, thank you :ok_hand:

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