Text alignment trouble

I have just now started using Game Develop so I’m sorry if this question is stupid, but yeah, I figured I’d try asking.

I have a text and I want the text to appear in a manner of “typing itself out” - characters appear one by one. It works fine, but what I want to do is make them appear from the center of the screen, so that the string is centered when it’s completely “written”. Considering there is no option for text alignment, how could I manage to do what I need?

Hopefully it’s understandable enough.
Thanks a lot!

Check this out:
Text_align.gdg (13 KB)
Anyway, you just have to add this action in the event you “refresh” the text to show a new letter:

Do = "Position_to_be_centered" - Text_Object.Width()/2 to the X position of the Text object

“Position_to_be_centered” is the X position where you want the text to be centered (e.g. the centre of the scene)

Thanks a lot, works flawlessly. :slight_smile: