Text as buttons with hover and selection options?

Okay, heads up folks, I’m a bit dim and have only just started to use the engine. I’ve created this menu screen:

The text is just a set of sprites. For example, ‘Awake’ is made up of: STANDARD (when it’s unused); HOVER (it goes grey over); and SELECTED, where it’s meant to go red then move onto the Game scene. The first bits work but I can’t get it to move to the Game scene when clicked on.

Any help appreciated, as the only tutorials I’ve managed to find were all for buttons only.

Thanks lots!


Try out the button extension, its called either “Buttons” or “ButtonFSM”

There you have several conditions but the most important are “is clicked”, “is hovered” and “is pressed”

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Thanks, I’d already installed Button FSM and set it like this:

I think I need to find a manual for FSM so I’m not missing anything.

Thanks again @Reborn!

Just to point something out, extensions are not meant for us to modify their content and directly insert our events inside it, but they are meant for us to use their events outside it, along with our own events.

So if I want to use the extension so it sees my button, I install it and point it’s own events to the button to run alongside my own events? Or point my existing events to FSM?

When you install an extension in your project, unless you want to really implement a new feature in the extension or fix a bug, you should not open them.

Once an extension is added to your project, all its conditions and actions are automatically avaliable for search in your events, you should then add them to the eventsheet, and they will work as if they were normal events.

Some extensions come with “behaviors”, those are an implementation that you add to your object at the “Behavior tab” of your object.

Once you add the behavior, you can select your object at the event search, and it will display the list of all avaliable conditions/actions of that specific behavior, then you add any to the eventsheet and use it normally.


Brilliant, thank you!

I just tried that and got it to load the game screen, you star!