Text display issue

Hi Guys,

I want to display a text for ‘x’ seconds and then move to next scene.
How should I do it?? I tried using timedelta() function but did not got any success. so please help.

Just use a timer.

Sorry guys I think that’s easy but still not able to rectify the problem.
Please let me know what’s wrong in my code.

You test the timer only when the player is in collision with the enemy, but you delete the player before the timer could reach 2 seconds.

If you want to delete the player then go to a new scene after X seconds, use a scene variable to trigger a scene timer.

The event look something like this:

If player is in collision with enemy and player is on floor: Delete player and DO= 1 to scene variable changeScene
If scene variable changeScene = 1
—If Timer “GameOver” is greater than 2 seconds : Change to scene “Maps”


hi, sorry again but its still not working after the changes

your change action with the timer is a subaction of player collision, i think it should be st the same level

Check the value of the variable at the same level as xisco mentioned and check the value of the timer in a subevent as I showed. --If timer… meant to be a subevent in my reply…

Thnx a lot guys its working now:+1: