Text Entry not changing scene

Hey, beginner to GDEVELOP here! I’m trying to create a system where the player would type “start”, followed by pressing return, to prompt the game to start. However, it doesn’t appear to work. I’ve tried a variety of solutions using variables and such, but nothing seems to be effective.

I assume the issue has something to do with the text input being constantly updated by the text entry object, but my efforts to work around this haven’t been effective either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

If OutputText does show the word “start”, then I suspect the problem is that the captured text might include the return character.

Have you tried using a Text Input object instead of the Text entry?

Alternatively, instead of checking the OutputText string value, check if the value starts with “start”:


You’ll find the “Compare two number” condition under the Advanced >> Events and control flow section:

As a side note: Whenever you’re doing any action that should occur once, ensure you’re using “Trigger Once”.

This is especially important for any “Change Scene” events, as not using trigger once can cause odd behaviors, including not changing scene at all.