Text fade-out when pressing a button?

Hello, I’m working on an interactive story using GDevelop, and I can’t figure out how to get text to go away once it fades in.

Basically when the scene starts, an instructions line fades in and says “Use a to move left, d to move right”. So what I’m going for is when the player hits A or D and starts moving, the text line fades out.

I thought I had it set up just fine, but the text just stays there permanently once it fades in. Nothing happens when A or D is pressed. I tried using a timer reset in multiple different spots, but nothing was working.

(current events tab attached as an image).

EDIT: I also tried putting a delete timer action after 3 seconds. I also tried putting the delete timer action under the movement section when the player presses A or D. Both times, the text still stayed permanently.

I also tried putting “trigger once” underneath the timer section. The text never showed up.

Figured it out, and I won’t delete the post in case someone’s having a similar problem as me.

All I had to do was to test when the opacity hit full, and then stop the timer so it would be able to disappear when A or D is pressed.