Text input box size

I have two questions.

I have built an entire game using the old text capture system and am updating it to the new text input system in order to make it mobile-friendly.

I’m creating the text input object with a button, entering text, passing the text to a BBtext object, and then deleting the text input when done. I can change the text input as many times as I want while the object exists, and the BBtext object updates in real-time. It works.

Q1. The default size of the text input field is way too small for my game, and there doesn’t seem to be an option to set the size for it using conditions. Is there?

Q2. Because I can’t seem to set the size, I tried having the text input already in the scene (hidden) so I could drag it to the size I need and then show it, enter text and hide it again instead of creating and deleting the object. However, when I do this, it doesn’t update the text of the BBtext object when I type. It only ever displays the initial text of the text entry object. Any idea why?

Hmmm, something odd going on. It may be a preview bug because if I reload the scene, the text in the BBtext object does update correctly… However, I would still like to be able to set the size somehow…

Hi, it seems that if you create the object through events it will have a default size no matter how big the font is, which - if there is really no option to change it - would be an unpleasant limitation. If the input-object is in the scene, you can just set the size through the property window or manually by dragging it to the desired scale.

Edit: As a possible solution for this problem, you could have the input-object with the right size already hidden in the scene and just show it after pushing the button.

Yes, that’s what I am currently resorting to, but I faced the issue of it not updating the text. I think that’s just a preview glitch, though. It seems odd that it can’t be resized by conditions or in the object interface.

The size actions should be available. This deserves a feature request. Sometimes they’re quick to update things.

Oddly, it’s another situation where if you add the tween behavior there’s options to tween the size.

Another option would be to setup the object as an external layout. Then you could add it with the right size with one action.

Workarounds can be messy. I would really push for the feature or fix and if possible wait for the update.


Thank you, yes, it does seem odd that it is clearly possible to resize, but just not available as an option. The workarounds are a good idea but time-consuming. Tweening sounds like a good option. I’ll give it a try. Thanks again!

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The nice thing is that you can create an extension and add your own actions. You can do multiple things with one action.

IDK about your JavaScript or extension knowledge but it looks like the size can also be changed through JavaScript.

Go with what works best for you.

Many thanks - I haven’t ventured into making an extension yet. It’s on my list though!

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