Text is still blurred....

As I thought that default fonts of Gdevelop may become blurred on desktop resolution so I try to change the font to HD but that’s still blurred. It think it’s a bug in Gdevelop please help me out

Hi Ousaf,
do you get the same result as I?

If so it’s just usual anti aliasing to smooth out the letters.
The only really blurry text I get is in HTML5 games because the canvas is resized to fit the whole browser window but that can be fixed by adding the index.html into an iframe with a fixed size from another html file.

I think that’s not a good approach to fix the canvas size.
The problem is that text object does not scale up with canvas that’s why what ever the HD font I uses I always become Blurred when I resize the canvas

You can check out the following article

Can any one here help me to approach this in gDdevelop