Text objects not showing up when selecting them for events

I’m trying to make a fan game and in the beginning I wanted to do a fade in of a disclaimer so as to not infringe on copyrights, but when I try to select the text objects I made for the disclaimer in the events menu they don’t even appear on the objects list, and when I put the names in the events don’t do anything. Please help!

Which action are you trying to use on them (and from which category) ?

Sprites and opacity.

I think I may understand the issue. You need to use Text object opacity rather than Sprite opacity for Text objects. You can find it at the bottom of the condition selection window.

Here is a very small example of a working Fade in I made for you:

GDG file:
mega.nz/#!65gzADAQ!on7ZogIfFe6v … K46zDZWjdU

P.S. I have written a small example/tutorial which uses Sine waves to allow fade in, fade out, and fade in + fade out here, also with downloadable file: