Text of one line alignment - any pratical way to do?

Hi guys!
After some searching here, I discovered that last year GDevelop got the possibility of text alignment… but just for more than one line text!


(does not work with single line texts).

I know it is possible to align the text using mathematics and I have no difficult about that. But… why complicate something that is so simple?

Isn’t there any way without mathematics to align single line texts?


That doesn’t work for me. It is a single line text…

And then I tried this solution:

And it worked. But I think should be a better way. Is there a better way?


Add at the end divide width by 2.

Also take a look on BBtex :wink:

I tried BBCode and it doesn’t work too.

See some of the things I tried:

(The text continues aligning to left)

My Base Alignment is right:

And I tried this too, but it wrote “[right]” literally at the begin and at the end the text:

Any other way to do with bbcode?

You seem miss understood how write parameters.
On properties you can see an HELP button at bottom. This open the documentation for these parameters.
Unfortunatly this one was broken, it’s fixed for the next release. Here the good link.

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