How can i make the text show when the cursor is over the sprite and to make the text disappear when the cursor is not over it :nerd: thanks!

Something like an object info? :slight_smile:
The text is different for each object (let’s name it “Item”), so you’ll need an object string variable (“Info”), this variable will have the text to show for that specific object.
The next step is modifying the text object (“ItemText”) when the cursor is over it. You could do it every frame, but a better approach is to modify the text only the first time the cursor is over it, so a Trigger once will be added.
The event should look like this:

Conditions: Cursor is over Item object Trigger once Actions: Do = Item.VariableString(Info) to the text of ItemText object

thank you for that early response. however im getting stuck , is there a simpler method without using strings like " hover over on the sprite" and invert that condition to get the desired results? :unamused:

Not sure what you are talking about :smiley: , anyway here is an example of what I’m talking about:
ItemInfoText.zip (2.5 KB)

Aah! thank you worked like wonders. However i couldnt implement the condition where the mouse is not over the sprite, the text should vanish. Help me out with this?. you the man. :unamused: :unamused:

Usually, we use the “Invert the condition” checkbox button to invert a condition. However, in your specific case, doing that we cause some trouble.

This is because the “The mouse is over XXX (inverted)” can be true at the same time as “The mouse is over XXX (not inverted)”. For example, it’s the case when you have an instance of the object under the mouse and one or more not under the mouse. Then, both the conditions are true (we can think of the conditions as : “Is there an instance of XXX under the mouse” and the inverted one as “Is there an instance of XXX not under the mouse”, you see, they can be both true). And this is not what you want in your game.

You just want to know if “All instances are not under the mouse”. To do so, you need to use the special condition “NOT” (available in the “Advanced” category) and put the “The mouse is over XXX” inside it (without inverting it). The condition “NOT” simply revert the result of its sub-conditions without being “intelligent” like the condition inversion.

yes it makes perfect sense now. Still however it doesnt seem to work. Here is a screenshot :

You need to show it again when the mouse is on an object.

Thank You :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: