Text to speech on mobile

Is text to speech extension works in mobile? Because it just freeze my mobile app when i put text to speech feature.

If not what is the best way to make a text to speech in mobile.

If the extension doesn’t work, then there is no good way to get it working, I would recommend you pay a JS dev to develop an extension for you.

To create an extension that work on android, here are the steps:

  • Check out existing cordova plugins, like GitHub - spasma/cordova-plugin-tts-advanced
    • It hasn’t been updated in two years, so it will need to be rewritten/updated to work with the latest android APIs, a necessity for publishing to the play store
    • Java, Android and JavaScript experience required
  • Create an extension that uses extensions dependencies to include the cordova plugin, then create functions with JS events that call the cordova APIs
    • JavaScript and GDevelop experience required
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