TextEntry and forbiden character

Hi guys !

Must be really simple, but I cant find a way to make some specifics characters forbiden when players typing.

No + and - for exampe.

Thanks a lot.

I vaguely remember someone doing this before by setting up some events that turn on/off the text entry only when there are valid keys.

One event would be

  NumPadAdd key is pressed                 | Disable text entry (Object name here)
  NumPadSubtract key is pressed            |

The other event would be

Any Key is pressed                       | Enable text entry (Object name here)
NumPadAdd key is pressed (inverted)      | 
NUmPadSubtract key is pressed (inverted) |

That way it turns off when they hit keys you don’t allow, then so long as they hit any other key, it turns back on?

I can’t remember if there were any other events involved, but I’d say give that a shot.


Thanks for your answer !
Just tried, it doesnt work exactly like I would.

When I press the + or -, it actually disable the input for the next + or -, but it still gets this first + or - input in the text entry.

Anyway I can get rid of the last char in the text input ?

Same issue when I am going back and enable the text entry. Since pressing A for example, enable the text entry back, this A pressing is not taking into account. Dont know how to deal with this.

Thanks a lot

Hmmmmmm… you’re going to need to do some advanced string manipulation expressions.

You’ll likely will need to use a combination of StrLength() (to get the current length of the Text Entry data), SubStr() (to subtract the last character), the LastKeyPressed() expression (once you re-enable the entry) and the “Modify data in Text Entry” action.

So something like “Modify Data in Text Entry “MyEntry”: set to SubStr(MyEntry.String(),0,StrLength(MyEntry.String()-1)” when disabling it. In theory, this should take the current string of your text entry, subtract 1 character (the invalid character), and set your text entry string to that.

Then on re-enabling it, you could probably just do “Modify Data in Text Entry “MyEntry”: Add LastKeyPressed()”

Maybe. You’ll need to play around with it some.

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Works great ! Thanks !

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