Th sub event is not working as i thought it would

not working pls help me to fix it, no one fixed it in the discord so i came here):
edit: someone suggested me to use not instead of inverting and to use pick random or all but had no luck

You’ll have to explain the issue a lot better. What do you want to happen, and what is happening instead.

so i want that
1)the object goes to the inventory.X()-152.5 and inventory.Y()-206 when mouse is released and in certain distance from the player.
2)then it checks for if it is touching an object with the animation 2 if it is already there or not
3) if it touches with one it will go to the next X and Y but if not touching an object then it will simply change the animation to 2

Unfortunately that’s just telling me what I can read from the events. What it doesn’t describe is what you’re trying to do. So I’ll go out on a limb and assume you’re adding items to an inventory. Is 2 the maximum number of items allowed in the inventory?

BTW, note that you are iterating over each item, one at a time. This means the items GDevelop works with for that event and subevents is for just that one item. So checking if the item collides with another item won’t work, because it’s only working with the one item.

oh well the maximum allowed inventory slots is 48 but i was trying to make an inventory because the inventory has items that are bigger hence needing more space

You still haven’t explained or described what exactly you want or expect, and it’s hard to offer help if we don’t know what the problem is.

Have you checked out the GDevelop inventory example project?

And here is a link to an inventory scroller that may be of interest.

i can’t download the inventory scroller even though my pop up blocker is off

I’ve made a copy of it on Google Drive. Can you access that?

yes and thx for your help:D