The animation doesn't work


I’ve moved your post to the “How do I” section, as this isn’t a bug. Right now your events are pretty heavily conflicting with each other, and missing the “Trigger once” condition.

Some quick things I’m noticing:

  • Whenever you are dealing with animations (or flipping), you want to have the Trigger once condition. Every event in your screenshot starting from the “MOVIMENTI” comment all the way down needs the “Trigger once” condition.

  • Your events cannot have conflicts with subsequent logic, as an example: Your player can be moving and jumping or falling. “Moving” doesn’t just mean left or right, it means “not standing still”. SO you will need to add an inverted “Is jumping” and “Is falling” to your moving event.

  • Your first “Is moving” (inverted) event will conflict with your “h key is pressed” event. You’ll need to add a "h key is pressed’ (inverteD) event to that first one.

  • All of your events will conflict with your final event. if your animation is “attacco” , but you’re falling, it’ll show the falling animation first, or jumping, or moving, etc.

Thank you very much , now work