Hello, we have already introduced ourselves in another topic (I think), I am the developer of BEEAAR GAMES.

We are looking for help :slight_smile:

First of all I would like to show you our apks to get your attention, hence the first question I want to ask you.

Is it possible that someone manages to steal a project or just the codes by extracting them from an Apk?
Can i send apk without entering signature key?


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Well there are apps out there that can basically see inside an apk, but that applies to any app, even if it is from somewhere like the playstore. So basically someone could see the specific files and everything within an apk. Yes, someone could potentially use the code to create a mod of your game basically, but as I said before, this could happen with almost any app. And it would require a lot of knowledge on their part. My personal opinion would be to publish your game to the playstore, so that others wouldn’t necessarily even be thinking about editing/stealing the game. Hope this helps.

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Thank you very much, I have already answered you in the other topic :grin:


However we already have financiers and in August we publish, so once on the boat we will need someone who knows gdevelop well, obviously paid work.

If someone are interested they can already let me know.

We started making games on gdevelop because we are inexperienced, it’s great to start with, and we want to support this platform.

My english is terrible.


Well you are doing great, keep up the great work. This team just seems a little… too advanced for me lol. It seems you have a good team and a bright future. Keep it up.

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Hahahhah you are wrong, I think everyone on this forum is more experienced than us, in truth currently only I am in charge of game development, the other two members have joined me this month and they will take care of Social, marketing and bureaucracy.

:joy: Although the main idea is that everyone creates their own game.

And having said that I can’t even write Javascript correctly, so we’re definitely not experts :sweat_smile:

Even though I’m the only developer of the games there is no “me” Anyone who helps me is part of my “Team” :grin:

Well I can make some decent single player games, still can’t create multiplayer but I’m working on it…

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In the future I will often post pictures or videos of my games, if you see something that interests you please ask.
I will be happy to send you the codes or help you in other ways.

This applies to anyone on this forum, however for requests that require more time, be patient and wait for the first game to be released, then I will have more time for you.

(At the moment I work more than 12 hours a day)