The character fails

Hello everyone. I’m making a platformer using standard qdevelop tools. I have such a problem, when starting the game in the editor everything works fine, but when assembling the game on android, the character falls through the floor. How can this be fixed?

Can you show your events?

I record video: Record_2021-10-10-11-20-26_e30b29e3e95c3d200d1767f3dfeb8174.mp4 — Яндекс.Диск

the earth has a “platform” behavior. the player has a “Platformerobject”.

Hi @chap. @Diven is asking for a screenshot of your Project’s event.

everything related to the character is here

How big/little is the detection box for both the floor and the character (Could be possible for the detection to fail due to frame rate/execution speed).

The floor’s behavior is platform or passthrough platform (I got a similar problem with moving platforms when I made them passthrough. The character was falling down every now and then)

on the object (tiles) there is the platform behavior, the sprite size is 16x16, the frame rate is 60fps on the smartphone and in the editor. everything works in the editor, not on the smartphone. a little later I will try to increase the size of the object at least up to 32x32. thanks for the advice)

I really hope it works, yet still, it would not be a trouble (it must not).