The character is controlled by AI!

Hello! I am very interested in one question! Is it possible to implement REAL AI on GDevelop? So that, say, the character could move in any direction, at any distance under the control of AI? So that there are no rules about this (that is, without an algorithm for its actions, without a cycle, etc.). It would be very cool, but is it real, if so, how?

By the way, I haven’t asked here for a long time😆

Hi, I am no expert and have no idea how an AI can be implemented in Gdevelop (not sure what you mean by real AI btw). As far as I know you have to train the AI to play the game. So it is not that you connect your game with some kind of existing AI and it will start to play your game like a human. If you search at youtube for ‘ai plays video games’ or something like that you can find a number of videos that explain how to train a neural network.

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Thank you

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