The code I copie isn't working

Hello I’m making a tower defense game. For the enemy pathfinding I copied this > < videos code but its not working. The enemies are standing still when they get to the first point. I checked the code 3 times but everything is the same as his. can anyone tell me whats wrong?

Welcome! Are the variables “point” on every walkpoints object correct (0,1,2,3 etc…)?

this is how I have it. its the same in the video, right?

The “point” variable should be specified from the properties panel (panel on the left) not from inside the object, so that each waypoint can have a different “point” value. And make sure the waypoints have their variables in the correct order (0,1,2,3 etc…).

Thats very stupid of me, but I still don’t fully understand. Can you please send a screenshot on how to do it? thank you for helping me!

It’s the part of the video around 1:30.

Don’t feel stupid, you’re still learning and you’ll get better with more time working with GDevelop. You have to understand the code when implimenting it and how the events work.

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Thank you it works now. Somehow I skipped over that part 3 times cuz it didnt look importent, now i wont skip anything. Again thank you very much! bye.