The Cursor/Touch is on an Object doesn't work if inverted.

If I invert the condition “The Cursor/Touch is on an Object” to test if the mouse is NOT over the object and I have multiple instances of the object present in the scene, the condition just doesn’t work.
It works only with a single object in the scene but it doesn’t work with instances.

I have tried the latest Nightly build on Windows 10 64bit.

What do you mean by “doesn’t work” ? The condition will be true if at least one instance of the object is not under the mouse. If you want to test if no instances of the objects are under the mouse, put the condition into a “not” condition so that it’s just invert the result (in a dumb way).

I mean the condition doesn’t seem to return “true” in case I have multiple instances present in the scene.
Yes using the NOT condition instead solve the problem but I believe inverting the condition should have the same result as the NOT condition.

I don’t agree. When inverted, the condition should “select” instances that are false to the condition (or true to the inverted condition if you prefer) if some are and the result of the condition is then true. Same applies for all conditions. To use a “dumb” invert, use the Not condition (but this is often not what you want, except in your case).

I think I just don’t understand what you trying to say :confused: I fail to see how is my case is out of ordinary.
I just simply want to do something if the mouse is not over any instances and something else if it over any instances of the selected object.

This is exactly the problem. Even if all of the instances are true to the inverted condition the action is still not executed.

Could you just try this please and confirm if it a bug or it is the way it meant to be. (2.57 KB)