The enemy Attackbox work for the left side only

Hi I’m trying to make this Goblin attack the player but for some strange reason it just work for the left side only. I can’t men it work for the right side even though it activates the box, it appears at the back of the Goblin and not on the front. This is what I’ve done so far. BTW I’m quite new at this and everything I’ve done is following a tutorial.

I am kind of new too, but… have you seen that the point on the attackbox are on their right side and the one on the goblin on his left?

If you put one over the other one it looks like your bug.

Maybe moving your point to the centre could work. But remember that you have to specify wich point is the one you want the attackox to appear.

sweet has spotted the issue :wink:
there are several options you can take to make this work.
you could add a second point to both, goblin and hitbox, point L and point R.
then you need to use those point to move the hitboxes.

an alternative is to use 2 objects, hitboxL & hitboxR.
2 different points for the goblin is still needed.
This solution has the advantage of not needing to reposition the hitboxes, but the negative effect of having 2 objects. To handle 2 objects as one, you should put them in a group (called enemy hitboxes) and use the groupname for handling hitboxes.

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