The game doesn't scale on the Samsung browser

Hi, I have created a browser game that should only work in landscape mode with a resolution of 1920x1080. I have designed all the elements using sceneWindowsWidth and Height for both position and size. I have also defined the size and position for resizing scenarios.

I have set the properties to “Change with to fit the screen or windows size” and unchecked “Update resolution during the game to fit…”. I added a portion of CSS and JavaScript to the exported code: when the phone is in portrait mode, an image and a message should appear to prompt the user to rotate the device to landscape mode.

The game adapts perfectly to the PC game window when opened and works fine on browsers like Chrome, Safari, etc. However, when opened on the Samsung browser, the portrait image is okay, but the game in landscape appears gigantic and does not scale. It works well if I go to settings and enable desktop mode, but I would like to avoid requiring users to do that.

I would like to understand from HTML5 game developers how they have solved this issue. Thank you.

does anyone develop html5 games?