The Particle Emitter needs a collision mask!

Like the title says…

The Particle Emitter is an amazing object but it really need to have a collision mask for the particles created.

And like it needs to have an option that says something like “Make particles have collision mask or not”

It would help a lot because here is what I do:

1- I create particles using the particle emitter
2- Then I create another object that uses a physics behavior and give it a force to give the illusion that the particles are interacting with other objects but that’s not very good as it sometimes tanks the performance.

A collision mask is really really needed for the particle emitter…

The particle emitter is great because it’s very light in resources, because the particles are purely visual. If we turn particles into objects, it would be much heavier.

That being said, if you want to make an extension to create an object emitter with settings similar to the particle emitter, feel free to, you don’t need to request a feature for that.
There’s a new “object spawner” extension, you can probably use that as a base.



Yeah I understand that, I’m pretty sure that it’s the reason why it doesn’t have a collision mask…
But still I hope one day GDevelop can handle it in some way in the future.

I did so today yeah using physics and so on but for sure it’s a bit heavy when things get busy in the scene and so on.

I’ll check this one for sure, thank you for letting me know.

Thanks for helping : )

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