The Pathfinder passes through the obstacle

Instead of avoiding obstacles, the object goes from point A to point B by the shortest route through all obstacles.
I do everything the same as in the examples. I think it’s a bug.

If you can reproduce the bug in a new project, (you can use one of the examples, for instance) and then share it with us, we’ll inspect the issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can you give more details?
I see a problem with your camera events, but the pathfinding seems to work:

When you start of the scene, just look at the green particle, the camera follows it. There is no need to click on anything

I think you are requesting a path before all the blocks have been added, so they don’t exist yet, so they’re not obstacles.

This should fix, but everything remains the same.

You’re right, the obstacles added on the same frame don’t seem to be seen by the behavior. Not sure if it’s a bug or a limitation. I’ll ask the techies.
You can fix it by moving your second event above the first one, so it only gets executed on the next frame.

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Thanks! This really fixed the problem.