The preview does not run

I was making a game but when I tap on the preview it is black

All events are fine ok

Click in the console and press F5 to reload the Preview.

If you can export on Web (upload online) and share the link here maybe we can see something.

already and now :face_with_monocle:
or Covid Time 4 by CrashStudios

I don’t see anything suspicious and your game is working on itch.
Can you retry the procedure with the console in the preview because the console should start like this:


Is your PC have already run a preview?
Have your tried without the audio file?
Have you any special char or space in files name?

All these things can be a possible reason too.

I’ve seen that, isn’t relevant too

I think this is the problem
File name …/…/…/Pictures/Street.png

It would be that I could not teach the above directions

Try this go to Resources → Remove unused files

Please Reply me pls If you could answer me a solution I would tell you thx

I’ve already done it several times in the past and no

the favicon have a bug when in network I press favicon.ico it says this inside the Cannot GET /favicon.ico file

I have already provided the necessary elements in my answers above.
Do you read them because you don’t answer the questions…

If you want me to look at your project send the complete Zip of the project in private message or here.

mmmm I can not do spoilers of the new update and also I can not test it for bugs but it can with the zip that is in the