The preview on mobile is not working, please help me!

Hi guys!

So… When i click in debug they give me an ip to preview the game on mobile, but when i paste the IP into the mobile browser, nothing happens! Only a white screen…

if anyone knows what I’m doing wrong, please help me :smiley:

Thanks! :blush:

Hi! When you do preview game over to your phone you have to make sure that the phone and the computer is connecting with the same internet network. and to make sure that the ip is correctly typed, it would be in the format of xxx.xx.xx.x:xxxx. Make sure you dont misstype the : sign with . before the final four numbers. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I made the same thing you say, but is not working. So i try purchase the subscription on gdevelop, and now i have another problem, also not working…

You don’t need a subscription, try with another browser or on your desktop browser. In desktop browsers you can open the developers console with Ctrl+Shift+i to check the error message.

Preview over wifi never worked for me. There is something about it my firewall on my PC doesn’t like.
I had similar problem in Construct2, running C2 as administrator did solved the problem with preview. Never tried with GD because I never run anything as admin, no way, but you can try it and see if it helps. But in general I would advice against to run anything as admin unless you know what you doing and most importantly what the app does that you are about to run as admin…