The sound is not heard halfway after the scene change

I’m making a game where you can also choose the language there are 4 screenshots the first indicates that I choose the language through the flag the second after choosing the language you hear a sound the same sound I use for the scene after clicking on start when I press on it starts but before the next scene the sound is heard halfway can you tell me how to fix it.

I’m not sure it’ll fix the issue, but don’t play a sound after you change scene. Play the sound first and change scene once the sound is finished

I would like the same sound to be used for both screenshot 1 and screenshot 3

Then you need to play the sounds at the start of those scenes. When you change scenes, it stops whatever is happening in the current scene, destroys it, and starts the next scene. So doing an action after you change scene makes no sense.

I’ll explain better, I would like the same sound to be heard in the two scenes when in the first scene I press on the flag the sound is heard and it goes to the second scene where it is (start) when I press start to go to the third scene the sound is heard halfway or it doesn’t feel right.

OK, I’m still not clear on exactly what you’re after, but I think I kind-of understand.

If I do understand it correctly, in each of the scenes where you want the sound to keep playing, open scene properties and uncheck the “Stop music and sounds at the beginning of this scene”:


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OK Perfect Thank you very much :smiley: :+1: