The storage based saves suddenly stopped working on my exported windows project

I’m working on my first game in GDevelop, though I had some experience in ClickTeam Fusion, I stll had to learn as I went.

I have a storage based save system that worked for some time, but for no reason I could find it started acting really weird. When the game wanted to load a bunch of values from storage that wasn’t made yet, just one of them randomly was being set to 25 (I checked for anything that could set it to this value). Now also some of the values do save some not, some do load some not.
I checked other storage topics here and their solutions are already in my code.

Right now my game has an autosaving feature where everytime you buy something, the amount of the item you have and the points get saved. It worked for some time, but now it’s acting strange. In the preview it works fine (though I also had to fix some weird storage problems there), but in the exported .exe windows file it doesn’t save anything. I checked the save file with notepad++ and the values weren’t changed, but when I changed one of them manually, the value didn’t load in the game.

Right now when the game opens it checks for one of the values that would be saved and if it doesn’t exist it saves every value the game uses at 0 (this event is also used for resetting the game) and the values from this event do save for some reason.

Here are some screenshots of the code

1 this is the first scene that is opened when game is launched
2 this is the scene that is opened right after - the menu
3 here are other values that are being loaded on the next - third scene
4 here is an event in the 3rd scene that should save a value at the end of the round

I’m not saying this is your problem but be careful with waits like in the middle of #2. IDK what happens after #2 but with the wait in the middle it will allow the rest of the scene to run before the events after the wait are run. Just make sure nothing happens that depends on those other variables or modify then. If you really need the wait then you might want to add a Boolean variable to track when everything is loaded and don’t continue until it’s set to true on the last line.

Wait is a bit misleading. I know I originally expected it to pause everything not just for the events or sub events on the same event.

I was thinking that maybe my problem was because the game skipped the load actions and went to change the variable before it had time to load. Does that mean that the actions below will not trigger until the load action above has ended?

IDK about that. I’m just saying be careful with waits. They put a pause in the current event and any sub events of it but it continues running the other events until the wait time expires. In your case, it might be just a frame but that could be enough time for something to change the other variables or switch to another scene.

Is the wait needed? Just to eliminate it as a possible problem try it without the wait.