The trick about External Events (Easy i think)

I can add 1 external event to 1 scene but how do you add the same external event to multiple scenes…
Also sometime is shows in the editor and sometimes it does not.

I was to code player behavior as an external event to keep scene code nice and tight
or am I wrong ( I am coding a board game with various screens)

Thanks for your help

Go to the events, click on the big + button on the top right side, and choose “Link”.
Then, enter the name of your external events.
Using external events to avoid copy-pasting is a good idea, yes.

Thanks for replying so fast…
I found it but I can only pick 1 scene. (sheet with a wrench)
From the editor of the “game.scene” there is no link to add an external event.

I use the linux version can it be linked to multiple scenes in the windows version ?

When creating a new External Events, it’s a little confusing when it asks you to pick a scene and you can only choose one. Just choose any, it doesnt matter. Once you’ve created your External Events, you can add it to the events of any Scene. Just go to the Events tab for the scene you want to include it in, and in the top right click on the “Plus” icon near the middle of the row of icons:


Then choose “Link”:


It will then add the following to your lists of conditions/actions:


Click on it to rename it whatever you called your External Events file. Tada! You’re done.

You can add multiple External Events files to a scene. You can even copy and paste this “row” and add it to other scenes so you don’t have to redo the above process for every Scene.

Hope that helps!


Thank you for the explanation I got it this time.

Is the code is simply merged “when compiling”
there is no issue with variable scope then

Thanks again for your help

Now it is working as expected…

Thanks to you all !

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