There is a bug with the event activate/deactivate behavior

To recreate the bug … follow the steps bellow:-
1- create an object
2- add 2 behaviors to it (doesn’t matter which one)
3- use the event activate/deactivate behavior for the object and try to make it choose the second behavior … it will always force it to the first one.
Hope this gets fixed …

Alright so apparently it works but if you change it from outside not from inside when you’re choosing the event and stuff like that, It’s a small bug with just the text inside the event I guess … kinda weird …

can confirm that the bug still occurs

Can you describe what doesn’t work?

I can select the behavior of my choice for disable it.


I can have a bug with the old condition/action editor, this one is not supported anymore.
Think to use the new one by enable this option: