There is something wrong with my dialog (SOLVED)

I’ve been following this tutorial Dialogue in GDevelop with Yarn 2022 step by step - YouTube and everytime a dialog line starts it begins repeating from the beginning 3-4 times before actually scrolling to the end of the line. I’ve been following the tutorial precisely but its still broken, here are some images of what i did so far

Hello. I made that tutorial. Sorry you’re having issues. To reassure you, I actually made the events and dialogue as I made the video, so what you see in the video is exactly what I made and it works. I didn’t change anything off-camera. I made it using the most recent version of GDevelop available at the time (15th June 22).

So when you run your game, ‘Hi there’ displays 3 or 4 times before ‘Who may you be?’? Is it sometimes 3 times and sometimes 4 times?

I noticed you use the same button to start and end the dialogue. If you follow along, you’ll see I use A to start dialogue and X for pretty much everything else. I explain in the video (you might not have gotten to that part) why I do that. Having a different button to start and make your text scroll faster means you won’t accidentally skip the first line of dialogue. I just tried using ‘X’ for everything and I often missed Frodo’s first ‘Hello’. Try using a different button to begin your dialogue.

Also check your global variables have the same spelling and case as the references to them in the events, because it sounds like your timer might not be working properly. Do you see the characters being typed out one by one, or just whole lines being placed? Does the first ‘Hi there’ start from the beginning 3 or 4 times but gets a little further each time? eg. H, Hi, Hi , Hi T - and then things start to work normally?

Here are my variables, events and nodes to compare.

Hi. I just realized why its all messed up its because before the tutorial i added a typewriter extension on to the text and thats why it was all messed up. sorry for wasting ur time and have a good one

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Don’t worry about it. I have spent time being stuck on things and came in here to ask for help… and then had a “Doh!” moment. Happens to everyone. It was good for me to try to help you because it helps me to learn too. Next time someone has your issue, I will know to ask them to check if they have the typewriter extension installed.

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