"There Was A Problem Loading Your Project"

Hey everyone!

Trying to upload my game to itch.io, but I keep getting the following error:

Screenshot 2022-10-31 100153

I can’t find any non UTF-8 encoded characters. Is there a way to quickly check it, or how do I fix this error?


Hi i’m pretty sure this is happening because you have some image or json with a weird name check the names of all your files to be like my_image.png or my_text.txt or my_json.json
No spaces, no tiles, no ascii characters no (#@|~€¬ ‘’¡ !“”) in the files names.

Not that I can find. Do you know of any tools that might be able to flag the file name for me?

You can see the files used by your game here :
Project manager >Game settings >ressources

Or else in your project file on computer, the files should be located there.

Thank you - I went through every single file within the folders and there are no characters other than numbers and letters. Going crazy