Third party tool to check tilemaps (bumps)?

I want to make a big map with tilemaps and a third party tool to check if all tiles are good.
What tool do you use for it?:thinking:

I use tiled to make tilemaps for gdevelop.

What i’m talking about…Example (from the internet):

Like you can see not all trees are on one tilemap (blue line shows “cut off”) but if they are joined they are a big map.

Next question:
First you need to understand what i am about.:wink:
Is it possible - in a new build or as a extension - so we can use individual scenes in one “big scene”?
You have to edit the scene itself and then update/join the scene to the “big scene”.
It’s the same as you would like to make only one scene as a big map.
Just with the difference that you have many individual scenes.

If this is a good idea we can make a survey to see feedback from other users too.

Check out external layouts

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Scenes will always remain separate, you cannot merge them. In most cases scene-switching happens fast enough that people won’t notice a difference if you did use multiple scenes.

Separately, the above game (Link’s Awakening) doesn’t use different tilemaps for the sections you’re showing.

It’s one big tilemap, each screen (camera area) is segmented, but the actual asset is on a singular tilemap. That’s how those trees line up so well, because they’re part of the same map.

Nintendo (or Capcom, depending on which mobile Zelda you’re playing) have different tilemaps for each zone, but each zone is only 1 tilemap until you enter a dungeon. Depending on the game, most zones even have their “internal rooms” as part of the tilemap, just outside of the normal boundaries. So when you enter a house in Link’s Awakening, the fade out/fade in is to hide the fact that Link’s teleporting to a corner of the tilemap with the room interior.

So if you’re wanting to make something like Zelda, you need to work with 1 tilemap per zone, not joining multiple. If you’re wanting to make something else, you’re going to need to provide more detail on that.

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As far as tools go I highly recommend using LDTK, it does pretty much what you are asking for. It has a concept of a “world” which is comprised of “levels”. Each level is a tilemap and they connect seemlessly to the other tilemaps in the world layout. You can save to TMX format from LDTK and then import those TMX files via the TileMap objects in GDevelop.

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For what i want to do :blush: please read:

-No one big map
-Several scenes “combined” as one map (smooth camera moving so it looks like one map)

Thx, i will have a look.

I don’t want to import tmx in gdevelop because actually there is only one map possible… i dont 'need collision in my tmx files too.:wink:
I do the collision in gdevelop.

No, I get what you want to do.

What I’m saying is that no. you cannot use scenes that way.

Edit: and yes, I’d agree with Krunkster. Anything I do regarding tilemaps I pretty much exclusively use LDtk for nowadays. Tiled is still great, but LDtk is much easier to use and has a “Level” and “World” system that allows you to see your maps on a much broader scale.