THNK Adapter for poker game

So I am in the middle of making a poker (Texas Hold’em) game. I already made hand ranking, seats, dealing cards, etc but only when specific key is pressed (for debugging purposes) and currently, I am at the point where I have to decide what THNK adapter to use and make my game multiplayer. I did read THNK Docs and adapters comparasion, which made me think that Relay (Rooms) adapter is what I need, but I still want opinions and suggestions from other people so if anyone have any, shoot.

None of the adapters are really bad, so you can’t really go wrong with any of them. The rooms adapter sounds good for your use case indeed.

Thank you for confirming that. Just a quick question, do I need to code Relay Server myself, or everything I have to do is to run the game on the VPS that will act as a server for players? We did talked about this before but I am asking to confirm since I read differences in docs.

I may be wrong but i think the relay server doesn’t host the game itself. It will help people connect to each other using rooms with tags.
For now someone can create a room with a name and someone else can connect the room if he knows the room’s name.

“all you need to do is run the arthuro5555/thnk-relay docker container” on the server.
“then in GDevelop use the action to override the server IP before connecting”
“make sure you open the right ports, both on the machine and on docker (the command to run the docker with the right ports open should be in the extension description)”

Hope this help

Hello, can you share your process to create a poker game?, what king of system do you use to the software recognize hand rankings, thanks.