Tiled Procedural Generation Going Up

How do I…

For my game, I am attempting to have procedural generation where after the player reaches a certain height, another pre-made section of the map loads above the previous one.

What is the expected result

When running the game, an event will look for how close the player is to the Top_Checker object. If the player gets close enough to the Top Checker object, I want a premade section to load in where the Top Checker object is located and will continue to load one pre-made section directly on top of the next one.

What is the actual result

When running the game, the different sections generate going down instead of up. I followed this tutorial when setting up the procedural generation but I would like the sections to generate above the player instead of below. I’m wondering if the issue has something to do with the Y value of when the Top Checker object is compared with the player character (ChiChiTheBird) but I have no idea what could be causing it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Tutorial I followed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzjEQTEQwFg&t=66s

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When you create from external layout, the objects are placed in the same x,y position as they are in the external layout. They are not placed relative to the camera.

One solution to get around this is to add an extra layer to the game, say called holdingLayer, and in the editor place all the objects on this layer.

Then, once you create from external layout, move all the objects on holdingLayer to your playing/base layer, adjusting their Y position accordingly. The best way to achieve this is to put all the layout objects in am object group, and use a Repeat for each <obejctGroupName>.

BTW, .you can change the external layout selection to one event:

What? When you add an external layout you specify the x,y it works as an offset.

I’m not sure why another layer would be needed.


I was able to figure it out. Thanks for the input. I was able to solve this by moving the Top_Checker Object higher above each external layout and in my main scene. This caused each one to generate up.

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I wasn’t aware of that not being something I’ve never had to use. Thanks for pointing it out.

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I’ve never used them myself but I helped someone who was creating a similar room generator awhile ago.