Tiled Sprite bug

Hey there!
I have that bug, someone know how to repair the sprite?
That blacky green line upside the texture (48x48)
I have H= 48, and Smooth unchecked

I’m assuming that the tile is just the grass, and not into the ground. Try these and report back.

  1. Ensure the image actually is 48px.
  2. Make sure the image doesn’t actually have that line. (it happens)
  3. Make sure you didn’t accidentally stretch the tile vertically.
  4. If that doesn’t work, try changing the size of the Tile object by removing 1 vertical pixel at a time.

I know the first 3 might sound dumb, but it’s always important to check the simple things to get them out of the way when troubleshooting.

  1. I made that tile 48x48, i checked that
    2.I dont have that line drawed
    4.I changed , the tile is worst now, the line is everytime now

I have that bug only when i jump, the camera follows the character on X and Y(center

Try to disable the picture smoothing in the image bank (put “No” in “Smooth” property of the picture).