Tiled sprite pixalating (deteriorating) on the way of game

Hi everybody, I’m having some problem with the terrain’s tiled sprite of my game.
The problem shows only on mobile browser (both iOS and Android) and some low power pc browser.
My game’s path is about 20000 pixel so my terrain needs to be like that.
Unfortunately at some point of the way the tiled sprite became deformed and deteriorated more and more since to be unrecognisable.
I tried to set “no” at “smooth image” in image library settings but with no luck.
I attach an image for example.
Many thanks in advance.


I hope someone will help soon.
In the meantime I made some experiment but with no luck.
I tried to change file format or dimension for my tile but it didn’t work.
Actually to be sure I didn’t make the tile wrong I tried to use the grass tile from the platformer example but on long distance it has the same degradation problem.
I think mobile browsers have problems to manage really long tiled sprite over 4500px (mine is 20000) so for now the only solution is to use shorter multiple instances to create the disired width.