Tilemap editor in gdevelop?

How can I create a tilemap?
Any Ideas?

Thank you

Someone work on it, stay tuned with the future updates!


Thank you guys!
I just downloaded and tried Tiled, do you use it?
Now I just have to figure out how to import it to gdevelop

The Tiled sprite object is cool for mosaic or repetitive images, you can just import a basic image.

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oh Interesting…
How can I create a map that works and import it to gdev?

I was thinking of something, correct me if I’m wrong.
If I make a tilemap with Tiled using several layers, then I can export them individually and import them as sprites to create collisions. Quite right?

I’m not sure what you mean by that.
But yes so far you can only use normal and repeating sprites in GD, no matter from Tiled or MS Paint, no tileset/map.

I mean that if I create a layer with Tiled that has five trees (example for a top-down game).

Below there will be the png sprite of the “grass” layer, above there will be the “trees” layer and this layer will have a collision with the player.

Okay, only manually it works.
Edit the Collison mask from tree layer/object or add transparent objects as obstacles.


There’s a few different things being discussed in this thread, so to add some clarity here:

  • Tilemap Support: There is an effort to add this to GD5 undergoing right now. It is currently being worked on by Blurymind. You can follow along here: Support for Tilemaps objects (tilesets and Tiled files) · Issue #503 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub
  • Tilemap Editor: As of right now, there is an eventual goal to be able to edit tilemaps within GDevelop. This is not planned to even be looked at until base support is implemented.
  • Tiled Map Editor: This is an external tool that can be used to build Tilemaps and Tilesets (TMX and TSX files). These file formats will be used for the above mentioned Tilemap support. You can also use Tiled to make a map and then export it as an image to be imported into GDevelop.
  • Tiled Sprite Objects: This exists in the engine right now, but is meant to be a single tile that repeats as you resize it, rather than stretching like normal Sprites do. It is not intended to replace a Tilemap.

For right now, knowing that TMX/TSX files will be supported in the future, I recommend using Tiled Map Editor to make your maps, export the maps as images, but save the originals. When you import the images into GDevelop (as Sprites), you can then make a simple red/blue/etc block object with the “platform” behavior and place it around your map to allow for collisions. Then at the start of your scene, hide the collision objects.

Make sure you keep your TSX/TMX files once Tilemap support is implemented, too.

Hope the above helps.


I have managed to create a map editor using standard GDevelop screens and code. I used it to create a map I use in my latest game

The Lords of Moonlight Equatorial Conflict

Also a Lite version now available to try for free


If you try the lite version and think it would be useful, let me know and I will provide more details

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