TileMap: Top down movement - collisions

Hi folks,
is it possible to use the tilemap object for an jrpg style movement system?
I wasn’t able to get any automated collision checking to work. Neither with a plain player sprite nore with 8-Direction movement behaviour. The player is always able to walk through solid blocks.
Does this only work in conjunction with the platformer behaviour or do I need to set some properties?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s pretty easy, just uncheck the “Collidable” option on the tiles that… well… are not collidable, then use the “Separate two objects” action when the player collides (collision masks) with the tilemap:
TilemapCollide.zip (167 KB)

Thanks a lot.
I’ll update the wiki when I find some time. Explanations about the TileMap object are quite scarce.